My Man Godric - R Cooper

My Man Godric

By R Cooper

  • Release Date: 2012-11-27
  • Genre: Homosexualité


Bertie is a fool and he would be the first to say it. A fool in deed and a fool in love. For years he has steadfastly, and loudly, proclaimed his love for the country's most famous general, Godric of the South, often to Godric's embarrassment and his own humiliation The old king's bastard, and fond of embroidering the skirts he often wears, Bertie has always been considered crazy and useless. Much like the low-born Godric, he has always been an outsider among the deceit and politics of court.

But when the country is invaded by an old enemy and the rest of the court is scattered, Bertie finds himself a reluctant servant to duty. Convinced of his own unworthiness, he doesn't see the courage in his own actions, or how his outspoken honesty might appeal to someone as honorable as Godric. But with danger threatening them both and driving them apart, Bertie is hardly going to let a little thing like rank get in the way of his chance to be close to his Godric one more time. Not even an army could get in the way of that.