Izzy and the Right Answer - R Cooper

Izzy and the Right Answer

By R Cooper

  • Release Date: 2019-03-22
  • Genre: Homosexualité


Jamie “Izzy” Islington is an ace, femme, neuroatypical college junior with anxiety, an interest in coding and poetry, and difficulty identifying his own emotions. He’s had no interest in romantic love until very recently, when he realizes he has a crush on someone in his circle of friends—although he has no intention of doing anything about it. Izzy thinks every problem through to the correct solution, and he knows that the initial fascination some people have for him quickly fades, and no one is interested in actually dating him. Especially not someone special like Rocco.

Rocco Baglieri is a hard-working, reserved student-athlete. He gets especially quiet with Izzy, although he’s more comfortable around everyone else, especially their mutual friend, Ronnie. Which would bother Izzy more, except that Izzy is all smiles for Ronnie too. Warm and giving Ronnie Acebedo is sunshine personified. He once had a crush on Izzy during their first year, but got over it and is now one of Izzy’s closest friends.

Then a drunken night and Izzy’s new awareness of romantic feelings force him to finally notice some things—like that he isn’t the only one pining.

To Izzy, the solution to this triangle is obvious—if he disappears, Rocco and Ronnie will have a straight line to each other. But brilliant though he is, Izzy forgets that Ronnie and Rocco have minds—and hearts—of their own, and there are more options than lines or triangles. The right answer might be something else entirely.

An m/m/m romance